Human Resources

Binzagr has gone through many changes and significant growth over the years. However, we started to make bolder, innovative moves to completely reshape our people agenda as we do believe that human capital is amongst our top assets.

At Binzagr Co. people are our most important assets to drive our business results we need to leverage that through our Employees and hence we have recently developed our Integrated Talent Management Strategy which is composed of Talent Management as its core with 4 cornerstones; Performance Culture, Learning & Development, Talent Acquisition and Reward & Recognition under the umbrella of a Total Reward Strategy.

Behind our great success is a venturesome, entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit that has driven by our deeply embedded values; integrity, agility, collaboration, empowerment and performance. For the past 130 plus years, Binzagr has lived with great passion. Despite being amongst the oldest companies in Saudi Arabia, our vibrant mindset keeps us young and unafraid of change.

We believe we have a great deal of growth and opportunity especially our growth in the GCC in addition to the team’s potential and drive to grow and establish a strong and robust HR model to enable the business to meet its objectives.