About us

Binzagr Company is amongst the largest and leading distributors in Saudi Arabia and the GCC that recently completed a unique milestone of over 130 years of continued service.
The distribution business forms the foundation of Binzagr Company, and one that traces the company’s history from trading on the ancient route between Europe and The East, since the year 1881.

We provide complete and comprehensive distribution solutions, supported by a solid infrastructure that is a pre-requisite for effective market coverage in the consumer product category, within the large Saudi Arabian market. Today, we are undoubtedly among the leading and well reputed distribution companies in Saudi Arabia, specializing in the distribution and logistics of a wide range of consumer products, spanning from but not limited too; Food, Drink, Personal & Beauty Care, Home Care and Automotive Tires.

Binzagr Investments

Binzagr Company continues to invest heavily in advanced state of the art systems to create a difference and add value to the company’s principals and customers, thus keeping the company at the forefront of the distribution business.

Binzagr company uses SAP ERP which is integrated with a GPS based mobile sales and distribution system to optimize supply chain activities in all parts of Saudi Arabia. An integrated B2B communication with our principals, vendors and major trade customers provides unmatched efficiencies in processing and distribution.

Binzagr is currently in the process of implementing the best in class warehousing, transportation and yard management solutions for all the warehouses across Saudi Arabia and is about to offer 3PL solutions soon through its flagship in KAEC (king Abdullah Ecanomic City).