Binzagr Company distributes over 1,500 SKUs spread across 28 categories, comprising 55 leading brands.

The Beauty Division


The newly created Beauty Division markets high quality beauty products, from professional hair care products to skin care and cosmetics. Its distribution coverage includes beauty salons, department stores, specialized boutiques, and selected pharmacies. This division enjoys 2 regional offices: its headquarter in Jeddah servicing all of Saudi Arabia and its branch office in Dubai servicing the UAE and the rest of the Gulf countries.
The Beauty Division has a highly trained sales force consisting mainly of local female sales consultants, promoters and trainers, under the supervision of a national sales manager. They are located in the key cities of the region, namely Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dubai. A marketing department coordinates with the principals and helps implement each brand's marketing strategies and plans.
The first set of products' launched by the Beauty Division was TIGI Bed Head, a leading professional hair care line in the USA and the UK, and Keratin Revolution from the UK. They are being quickly followed by two skin care brands. Prior to each launch, the team works closely with Principals helping them ensure their products' conformity to local SASO standards, identifying with them the right points of sales for their products, and drawing a support plan to help achieve targets.
The Beauty Division places emphasis on professional training for the sales staff in product knowledge so as to pass on the right information to the Customer and to the end user, and to safeguard each brand's original image. This attention is reflected in the selling and distribution approach, the launch and sampling events, the in-store merchandising and promotions, and the overall communications with concerned parties.
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