Binzagr Company distributes over 1,500 SKUs spread across 28 categories, comprising 55 leading brands.



Binzagr Company provides complete and comprehensive Distribution Solutions, supported by a solid infrastructure that is a pre requisite for effective Market coverage in the Consumer Product Category, within the large Saudi Arabian market. The Company’s Consumer Product portfolio includes the categories of Ambient Food & Drinks/ Chilled & Frozen Food Products/Personal & Home Care and Automotive Tires.

Binzagr Company has a wide network of 21 branches located across the main 18 cities, 30 operational warehouses and 3 Central Distribution Centers (CDCs) housed in each of the main regions in Saudi Arabia. Binzagr Company handles over 450,000 cases every day to an ever growing customer base, and fosters a strong commitment to serve its Principals and meet their expectations in a timely and efficient manner. Binzagr Company strives to maintain, operate, and manage its Logistics facilities, with a view to ensure that every product sku gets the requisite care in storage and handling.

Based on state of the art systems, Binzagr Company follows the modern Warehouse Management System Program (WMS). The WMS program instills stringent control and a quality culture within the organization and manages its Inventory using ERP.

Presently Binzagr Company has one of the most efficient and well equipped Distribution facilities within Saudi Arabia. The Company’s Distribution portfolio of blue chip Principals bears testimony to its commitment to Excellence and Speed, as well as Outstanding Customer Service.

Logistics (3 PL)

Binzagr Company's Logistics & Supply Chain Structure is one of the key competitive advantages that Binzagr Company focuses on with a view to derive speed and efficiency. The complex and the sheer dynamics of the growing Saudi market, demand intelligent and speedy logistics capabilities.

Binzagr Company has a fleet of 2000 vehicles throughout its supply chain ranging from 40 feet long haul container vehicles to small delivery vans distributing a wide array of Ambient, Chilled & Frozen products.

The logistics supply chain works within this large market to deliver products to large modern trade warehouses as well as small grocery stores, which are located in the narrow alleys of Saudi Arabia.

Binzagr Company's continued adherence to quality and speed, marks the corner stone of the Company's logistics operation – backed with a commitment to maintain high levels of performance benchmarks. The Company's continued investment in its Logistic facilities, are a key feature that support and reinforce its distribution capability.

3rd Party Logistics Management capabilities:

  • As a 3PL provider, Binzagr Company offers total solutions to the Warehousing & Logistics requirements of a Principal. The Company has access to modern tools like RFID and WMS technology, and is equipped with Ministry of Health approved warehouses and state of the art Material Handling Equipment, to optimize operational efficiencies.
  • As a 3PL Solution provider, Binzagr Company offers customers advanced value-added services such as Track and Trace of vehicles with GPS system .The Company's capabilities comprise of 115,000 High Bay Heavy Duty Pallet Storage Rack capacities across KSA, handling multiple temperatures from Ambient to -28degree C, and facilities such as tracking Location, Lot, Batch, Serial Number/ Production/and Expiry Date. Binzagr manages its inventories in ERP and is in the process of implementing 'Best of Class' Warehouse Management, Yard Management, and Labor Management System and is also capable of Reverse Logistics Management.


Quality adherence Policy



Binzagr Company’s dedicated and full -fledged Commercial & Marketing team, led by experienced business heads, service and administer the key Trade Marketing tasks in areas of Procurement, Transfer, Inventory Control and Forecast & Replenishment of stocks. The team also provides valuable inputs, on Pricing Recommendations, Marketing & Promotion Plans and assists Principals in efficient Implementation of Promotion and Marketing Support Activities.

The Commercial & Marketing Division acts as an Interface between the Principal and Binzagr Company.

Binzagr Company distributes over 1,500 SKUs spread across 28 categories, comprising 55 leading brands.

Business Support

Binzagr Company offers value added services in areas of Government Relations that encompass the Registration of a Company and its Products, at the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) and the Ministry of Commerce, as well as interacting with Saudi Customs via its own In house Customs Clearance and Inbound transportation resources.

IT Infra structure

IT is clearly the solid back bone of Binzagr Company’s Operations. Binzagr Company is a true pioneer in the implementation of advanced IT solutions in Saudi Arabia. The company has invested in modern state of the art systems like SAP and GPS, to instill better controls and to stay ahead via responding to changes in the business scenario. The Company provides full access to vital information to all its branches/ sales offices, and all its Sales and Commercial staff, ensuring quick and speedy response to market challenges.


Profitable Sales articulate the very lifeline of Binzagr Company’s business, as well as its core competence. Binzagr Company’s well evolved Sales structure, covers virtually all the key channels within the large Saudi market.

The Company’s Sales force which is over a 1000 strong, sells the range of Products across all Trade Channels from large wholesale customers and key supermarket accounts to the small corner grocery. The sales force in turn is well supported by the Commercial and Marketing Teams and a Solid Warehousing and Logistic Operations unit, making Binzagr Company a highly progressive and efficient Distribution Company, and amongst Best in Class, in Saudi Arabia.

General Trade Channel

  • Covers the Wholesale & Semi - wholesale segment.
  • Covers Self Service & Small Grocery stores.
  • Covers Special Accounts like Pharmacies & Small Eateries.

Modern Trade Channel

Binzagr Company has a specialized and dedicated Modern Trade unit which covers and manages major key Retailers in Saudi Arabia, handling both Large Retail Chains as well as strong regional outlets. The Key Accounts team provides strong growth to our Principals through a proper and focused Key Account Management process and best practices, and work on joint business plans with the Retailer. The Key Accounts Team strives to maximize business opportunities via a better understanding of the Key Account customer base and through excellence in Customer Service.

Foodservice Channel

Binzagr Company has a dedicated Foodservice Division, formed in the year 2007, to focus on increasing the B2B coverage across Saudi Arabia. Foodservice caters to a wide range and specialized product needs of the large hotels, restaurants, and catering organizations within Saudi Arabia. Foodservice has full-fledged branches in the 3 main regions of Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam; and currently building stock points in the pilgrim centers of Makkah and Madina. The coverage stretches across Full Service Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants, Hotels, Catering, Bakeries, Industrial Central Kitchens, Coffee Shops, and HORECA Wholesale Channels. Binzagr’s Foodservice infrastructure comprises of Regional sales teams along with van sales operations, supported by a fleet of multi-temperature trucks and warehousing facilities in the key regions. Foodservice recently launched its 3PL service.

A common thread that runs across all the Binzagr Company Sales divisions, are the skill sets, in-depth market knowledge and the commitment to meet and deliver aggressive targets of Principals, on time, every time. The Company’s Sales teams comprise of talented, energetic, and highly skilled individuals and are provided with regular Training to develop both their selling as well as soft skills.