Binzagr Company distributes over 1,500 SKUs spread across 28 categories, comprising 55 leading brands.


Binzagr Company distributes a wide range of leading Consumer Products spanning Food and Drinks, in Personal Care and in Home Care categories. These products are amongst the most reputed brand leaders,and are efficiently distributed across all key Sales and Retail Channels, thus providing easy access to discerning consumers across Saudi Arabia.

Food & Drink

Binzagr Company’s diverse Food products comprise of brand leaders like Lipton Tea, Brooke Bond Tea, Knorr condiments, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Popular cooking Oils like Mazola Corn Oil, Abu Zahra Sunflower Oil and Nakhlatain Vegetable Oil and Hanaa Tuna to name a selected few.

The Drinks range comprises of leading brands like Moussy range of Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage, Sunquick and Sun Top juice and the Isotonic drink Pocari.

Personal & Home Care

The Personal Care category comprises of popular variants like Vaseline, Dove, Lux, and Clear along with the leading Oral care brand Signal. The Home Care category consists of eternal favorites like Omo, Jif, Comfort and Domestos.

Own Brands

Binzagr Company has also developed its own brand portfolio under the Binzagr Foods marquee. Binzagr Foods market high quality products, sourced from leading manufacturer’s from all over the world, under popular brands like Abu Zahra, Nakhlatain, Hanaa, Shahea, and Harvest. The range comprises of Cooking Oils & Ghee/Hanaa Tuna/ Pasta/ Mayonnaise/ Sweet Kernel Corn / Whole Peeled Tomato / Instant Noodles and Harvest Canned Tropical Fruits /Oats and Frozen Meat & Vegetables.